Document Management System (DMS) Implementation Case Study: INACT Implementation at ABC Project


In various projects and production activities in the field of oil and gas industry (Oil and Gas), often encountered various problems related to the management of documents and information from various sources and interests during the implementation of the work in progress. Technological advances in the field of information systems and project management challenges and the Oil and Gas production is increasingly complex, demanding a system that is able to accommodate the demand for process management and good management of the various types of documents and information. This paper discusses the implementation of INACT to manage documents in an ABC project activities. INACT itself is a software developed by INARTS, a local company that seeks to answer the needs of optimal document management system and efficient for use by the Oil and Gas industry in the country. During the period of almost six (6) years since its launch, INACT has been used by many companies engaged in the upstream Oil and Gas industry, ranging from the company PSC, EPC contractors and suppliers (vendors), both of which are located inside and outside the country. It also proves the ability of Indonesian human resources in the field of information technology that can compete internationally in the Oil and Gas industry.


In the project cycle, the development of ABC field also begins with a multi-disciplinary Engineering activity to select and define the concepts that will be used. Since its early stage of study of Front End Engineering Design ( FEED ), project team began trying to find a document management system that has good quality, reliable and has the after-sales service in the country to streamline the maintenance activities of the system during the project period runs.

Figure 1 : Document Workflow in Project

Objectives of Document Management System

From the author’s experience, the followings are some of the main objectives of the implementation of a system for document management in a development of Oil and Gas project.

  • Efficiency paper and printing processes in the development process and examination of documents
  • Controlling the flow circulation of documents according to the project requirements
  • Provide tiered rights and obligations to several parties at once in the document review process that can be adjusted as needed during the project period
  • Given the large number of documents that must be controlled during the project, the need arises so that the review process can be given a target timeline for each stage (Rev-1, Rev-2, etc)
  • The need for providing comment/mark-up online for the various stages of the revision of the document
  • The review process can be done anytime, anywhere using any computer in the form commonly used by members of the project team, as long as there is access to internet and web browser
  • Oil and Gas Projects which commonly is a Multi-disciplinary project, collaboration in real-time from multiple reviewers at the same time is necessary
  • It can also define role for Review and Final Approver Leader for the entire project
  • It can accomodate all types of commonly used electronic files by default
  • Lastly, the system must also serve as a place for archiving document


As the concept of Work Breakdown System ( WBS ) which is commonly used in Project Management in the Oil and Gas industry , INACT is implemented with the approach of grouping different types of jobs to accommodate various types of documents. During the execution of a project, a document often progressing from one revision to the next. INACT has been implemented to ensure that the process of development of the various revisions can be traced and checked easily. When having to manage so many documents and information, generally we are often faced with the need to regulate the access of each party.
Customized Security System is a feature that is essential to a Document Management System. The system must be able to define the various roles commonly known in the process of development of a document:

  • Parties are entitled to control the entire document management system
  • Parties are entitled to submit documents to the system
  • The authorities that can provide comment / mark-up on a document
  • Parties are entitled to inspect and correct comment / mark-up in a document
  • The authorities who gave final approval of the revised document In the explanation of the above can be seen that in the process of reviewing a project document generally required the collaboration capabilities of various parties to provide comment / mark-up on a part of the document. This feature is one of the most relied upon by INACT to provide added value to the process of document management in a project.


During the duration of the work of a project, we need a system that is efficient and targeted for document management developed during the project. From the experience of INACT implementation during the Engineering phase of the project ABC during the last 2 years, the authors came to the conclusion that in order to be able to support an Oil and Gas field development project in Indonesia, particularly in ensuring the cost efficiency of the project, the ideal document management system must have qualifications as follows:

  • Ability to customize workflow to the current needs of the circulation of documents within a project
  • Has the ability to support the collaboration of various parties simultaneously and in real-time
  • Can run on commonly used software & hardware infrastructure and is not dependent on a particular operating system on the client side
  • The physical location of the primary data storage on the server can be determined by the client
  • A complete security system and can be customized upon requirements
  • Has the after-sales service that is reliable and easily accessible from the project site

Author : Aris Maryadi

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